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You Should Love Your Financial Advisor (or find a new one)

money road

Where To Start: The 1st 5 Steps Towards Your Financial Future


11 Pros And Cons Of Retiring In Washington State

money road

10 Money Affirmations That (Really) Work


Two ways to streamline your investments (and what to watch out for)

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Love Future You

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Annual Financial Hygiene Checklist

The 3 Solutions To Retiring Too Early

Where do I even start with my RSUs?

‘Tis the season of open enrollment! 

Social Security card

Accessing and Interpreting Your Social Security Estimates and Earnings Record

The 2023 Bank Crisis:  What is it and What can be done to protect your money?


Top 4 Biggest D.I.Y. Investor Mistakes I See As A Financial Advisor


Secure Act 2.0 Legislation: 4 Core Areas That Can Explode Retirement Savings


4 Overlooked Financial Planning Considerations for Job Changers

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Will I run out of money?

5 habits for FF

Form These 5 Habits Now For Financial Freedom Later

Tracking Net Worth and Cash Flow

Tracking Net Worth and Cash Flow


Why Choose an Independent Advisor?

Why Work with a Western Washington Financial Advisor Network (WWFAN) Advisor?

Why Choose an Advisor that is Fiduciary?

Why Fee-Only

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