Joe Wride



Vacation or investment property ownership, Families with kids, Equity compensation

Company: Crafted Finance

Certifications: CFP®, CLU


Phone: 650-336-0598

Joe Wride, CFP®, CLU


Over the course of his career – Joe has worn a lot of different hats within financial services, worked with different kinds of people who have had varying degrees of wealth and status. In life and in career, Joe started at the basement floor and worked his way up. This provides him with a unique ability to listen to, empathize with, and communicate with a wide variety of people and their circumstances. And in today’s crazy and modern world, an adaptive background and experience helps him deliver truly holistic advice to his diverse set of clients.

At Crafted Finance, you don’t have to be rich, conventional, or exhibit certain traits to be welcomed as a client. Over the years, Joe has become adept at helping clients navigate their real estate transactions, run their business, manage their equity compensation decisions, and/or raise their family. Most of all, he keeps you focused on pursuing your version of an ideal life while helping you implement best practices along the way.

Joe is a resident of West Seattle with his wife, daughter, and dog; and their home is licensed to foster children in need of indefinite shelter. He loves to play golf with friends, hike in the mountains, attend as many fun sporting events as possible, and skateboard on the beach.

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